Seller Policies

Welcome to Accounts Plaza. Your Privacy is Important to us and we follow GDPR rules & regulation. We are not going to relive Any Vendor Original Address to anyone in case. However we may give these information to the Government If Required ( Scam Case ).

Now Here are some Condition & rules for Vendors.

Vendor Eligibility
If you want to become a Vendor at Accounts Plaza then you must be:-

Any one can Register as seller

You Must have UPI Bank or PayTm Account.

Must be Citizen of India.

Must Have time to complete your Orders.

You must know Proper English. So that you Reply to Customer Questions.

Time for Complete Orders

After Customer Order Something from your Store then you have a maximum 24 hours to Complete that order. If Vendor did not complete it within Given time period then the money will be refunded to the Customer Wallet.. and we will Charge 5rs for each order.

But If Vendor don’t have product on Stock then, Vendor Refund Product before 24hrs. else pay Charges.

Note : If Vendor Give the delivery Time on the Product Discription or Product Details then vendor complelet the order on there given time, but vendor fail to complete then vendor payment then we will charge 10rs for each product.

Other Rules:-
Selling Your Product in Personal

You are not allowed to sell any of your products to Accounts Plaza User in personally. If we find that you are selling anything to Our Customer then you we will send you warning Notice on your email, if you do this on second time then we will restrict or delete your account from Accounts Plaza with given any payment.

Note : We will not send any notice on second time.

Replacement Rules

If Customer asks for Replacement then Vendor has max 5 days, to give replacement to customer, we will charge 15rs if vendor not replace the product on given time.

Vendor Commission & Payment Rules

Currently we are taking only 8% of Every Single Sales and 99rs Min Balance to withdrawal Acording to our Free Plan of total Vendor Balance as Our Commission. But if you Choose Our other plan we will take something different Commission. Accounts Plaza gives Payment on Every 15 Days. so all vendors must request their withdrawal every 15 days.

To know our Plan or Pricing Click here

How to Complete Your Orders?

Currently you have to send your Product through your personal email to the Customer email address.

Which Type of Product that vendor can Sell?
Well, You Can sell any digital Product like Netflix, PHP Scripts Online Courses etc…, But you are not allowed to sell Physical Carded Product.

Contact Information
If you need any type of Help then you can simply Contact us here – [email protected] or on Telegram – @AccountsPlaza

Note:- We are Change Our Policy at any time without Notice.